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Springtime brought joy and relief at being released from Covid isolation thanks to the power of vaccination. Museums and art events opened gladly. But caution returns as Covid Delta variant spreads this summer. Outdoor sculpture exhibitions are reasonably safe, but please check their websites for the latest guidance as conditions evolve.

EMERGENCE is this year's timely theme at Old Frog Pond Farm's Sculpture Walk 2021. More than 40 sculptures emerge delightfully around the pond shores and along the woodland paths. Open 11-4 Thursdays through Sundays until Oct 3, at 38 Eldridge Road, Harvard, MA.

Wonalancet Returns Wonalancet

"Wonalancet Returns" His bear's head has been my studio companion for many years. To enable Wonalancet to emerge into the world, I spent this spring sculpting bear arms with gentle paws, and building him a torso. Wonalancet was the son of Passaconaway, shaman leader of the Penacooks who had power to turn himself into a bear. When the Puritans invaded, Wonalancet tried to protect his people by adapting peaceably, but to no avail. After King Phillip’s War Wonalancet led the Pennacooks to relative safety in Quebec.
On the left is Wonalancet just after his installation was completed at Old Frog Pond Farm. On the right, at the Opening a week later, people have given him little gifts and Wonalancet offers them in return, an exchange of gratitude. 49”H x 32”W x 24”D NFS

SCULPTUREFEST 2021, Prosper Road, Woodstock, VT.
June 27 through early October. This year at Sculpturefest my works "Handbasket Cradle" and "Passaconaway" continue to inhabit the landscape. A strange beast joins them -- "Upright's" great boney foot stands firm near the banks of the vernal pool at Charlet and Peter Davenport's beautiful sculpture garden.

Upright Upright

"Upright" was inspired by the first human footprints, emerging 4 million years ago in the soil of Africa. Now our footprints are everywhere on Earth, how can we continue sustainably? 64"H x 26"W x 14"D. $1,800

LOOKING BACK WITH 20/20 VISION -- INJUSTICES OF 2020, Sculpture at the Eustis Estate, 1424 Canton Avenue, Milton, MA. Through October 31.
A major collaboration with New England Sculptors Association and Historic New England's Eustis Estate, LOOKING BACK WITH 20/20 VISION takes on the societal issues that were laid bare last year with the pandemic, the calls for racial justice, and the climate change catastrophes -- fire and flood. This web link enables viewers to see images of each sculpture on the grounds.

On the grounds of Eustis's beautifully crafted "Aesthetic Movement" mansion near Great Blue Hill, 28 sculptures address the Injustices of 2020 in this thought-provoking outdoor exhibition. It's interactive -- the Eustis Estate invites viewers to vote for their favorite work, and to contribute to the historical record of 2020 by sharing their experiences of that year through Historic New England’s A Time to Remember initiative. Feel free to visit their website listed above and participate!

Cry of the Sky Cry of the Sky

"Cry of the Sky" -- Water is vital for life, such a beautiful force of nature --- but deadly when that force overflows its banks, driven by climate change. It embodies both water's lively beauty and its relentless power. Stoneware clay waterfall in 7 parts, glazed. 62”H, 19”W, 29”D. $3,000

No Shelter No Shelter

"No Shelter" This dark figure is braced for what may come, huddling amid a wasteland. Those who have the least are forced to suffer the most. Is the piece of rusty metal on his back a piece of flying debris or a target? Stoneware clay torso on ashen cloth/wood base. 17”H x 34”W x 30”D. $1,000

FITCHBURG ART MUSEUM 85th Regional Exhibition of Art and Craft, 185 Elm Street, Fitchburg MA. Through September 5, 2021.
After a year's hiatus, the Regional Exhibition returns stronger than ever, with a tremendous variety of work by artists from all over central Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire -- including my intensely wood-fired head "After".

"After" emerged from the last firing of the NH Institute of Art's anagama kiln. Its thick coating of fused ash gives it a sense of ancient survival as it poises like an egg in space. Stoneware clay, 5”H x 6”W x 7”long $400.

88th League of NH Crafts Fair, Sunapee State Park, Newbury, NH.
To the joy of all who love fine craftwork, the League of NH Crafts Sunapee Fair returned to real life this year, August 7-15, 2021. Two of my works appeared in the Sculpture Garden: "Witness" and "One That Got Away" -- a plump fish diving beneath the surface.

Witness One That Got Away
"Witness" bears the texture of a once-living tree.
Stoneware clay 54”H x 14” diameter $1,500.
"One That Got Away" raises its tail as it joyfully dives.
Stoneware clay, glazed 26”H, 19”W, 10”D $600.

2021 Flying Horse Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit at Pingree School, 537 Highland St. South Hamilton, MA. September 4 - November 28, 2021.
Reception with the Artists is Sunday September 19th at 1:30PM. My sculpture "No Away" announces a welcome to the show beside the entrance sign.

No Away

"No Away", a hybrid turtle creature burdened with plastic bottles, embodies sea creatures besieged with plastic trash. Stoneware clay, glazed, with plastic ;amp metal 24”H x 16”W x 26”long $1,500.


Even in this time of pandemic, outdoor sculptures adorn the landscape at brave and spacious venues, where my works appear in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Except for Franconia Artwalk, which is public space, venues on private lands ask for reservations to visit. Please check their websites when making plans.

Amid the grandeur of the White Mountains, stroll Franconia's Main Street and the Riverwalk along the Gale River, discovering sculptures, historic architecture and gardens. The sculpture exhibition continues through mid-October. The map is found at

Wings of Hope Determined to Stay
The wings of "Hope" rise in a shady grove beside Franconia's Riverwalk. $2,500 34”H x 32”W x 18”D size of each wing. "Determined to Stay" turtle island rests on the front lawn of the Turtle Ridge Foundation at 461 Main Street. 19"H x 34"W x 22"D, $2,500.

OLD FROG POND FARM SCULPTURE WALK 2020, 38 Eldridge Road, Harvard, MA.
Around the Pond and Through the Woods are 30 sculptures on the theme of “Refuge”, finding comfort in these unusual times. The beauties of nature abide and thrive at Old Frog Pond Farm. Open by appointment through mid-October

Refuge Within Determined to Stay

In shadow or sunshine, "Refuge Within" has an ancient presence. Its tree form embodies the shelter of the forest, our habitat for untold centuries. The brain perched atop the branches forms our constant refuge. In its opening, a green sprout appears -- can a better world begin to flourish? "Refuge Within" is 58”H x 23”W x 18”D, $3,000.

SCULPTUREFEST 2020, Prosper Road, Woodstock, VT.
Through mid-October. In addition to the major exhibition, this year six women artists were invited to show work created during the pandemic. I'm one of this company, with my handbasket works.

Passaconaway Handbasket Works
At Peter and Charlet Davenport's request, the great bear "Passsaconaway" comes to Sculpturefest, guarding the vernal pond. What do the neighborhood bears think? Handbasket Works: So many, many humans are involved in shaping this world, helping and opposing in turmoil. I use baskets as the arena of struggle, holding the hands like our human-created world holds us. But human environments totally depend on the natural world -- so the laurel branch legs support the "Gathering Handbasket", and the "Handbasket Cradle" tree holds the small handbasket.
Handbasket Cradle Gathering Handbasket
"Handbasket Cradle", the rugged dark tree protects the little handbasket in its branches. 35”H x 11”W x 10”D $1,500. "Gathering Handbasket" closeup, showing the multitude of hands in different gestures and shades of skin -- gentle hands, grasping hands, fists --- all struggling. Mounted on its scraggly laurel-legged base, "Gathering Handbasket" is in a precarious situation. 38”H x 41’W x 38’D (including base) $1,200.

SCYLLA the Ugly Truth Revealed,Attleboro Arts Museum, 86 Park St. Attleboro, MA.
A brief but intense exhibition inspired by the monster Scylla in the book CIRCE by Madeline Miller, chosen by people in Attleboro for their 2020 Big Read. View the online show including short videos of artists and their work. My video is rather funny, as I sit with the formidable "Empress" looking down on me. Empress
The "Empress", most monstrous of my insect series "Heroes of the Next Civilization" is featured on the Museum's press release. She's 28"H x 15"W x 12"D, $3,500.

11th ANNUAL FLYING HORSE OUTDOOR SCULPTURE EXHIBIT at Pingree School, 537 Highland St. South Hamilton, MA.
Fifty sculptures set amid the 100-acre campus of Pingree School. Open during daylight hours on weekends and during holidays when school is not in session, through November 29th.
Its solemn presence stands near Pingree School's front entrance. "Witness" is 54”H x 14” diameter, $1,500.

Thread of Hope / Tangle of Fear Thread of Hope / Tangle of Fear

Thread of Hope/Tangle of Fear" is a landscape in motion populated with tiny symbolic figures. Its lively base is at a tipping point -- can the thread of hope lead away from the tangle of fear armed behind its wall, finding a better future?


SPIRIT OF PLACE Exhibition at Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, 290 Argilla Road, Ipswich MA. Through November 11, 2019. Spirit of Place
Gracing the gorgeous grounds at Castle Hill, this major outdoor exhibition features 33 artworks by 23 New England Sculptors – three of my works are included! Spirit of Place is a collaboration between the Trustees of Reservations and the New England Sculptors Association (NESA), a vibrant group of three-dimensional artists I joined last year.

Inhabited Passaconaway Woods/Water
"Inhabited" reaches for the sun at the edge of the glade near the picnic place. These conversing trees are inhabited by the spirit of the forest that gave them their forms. They can be arranged in various relationships; together they are 34"H x 18"W x 14"D, $1,400. Passaconaway was the leader of the Pawtucket tribe whose homeland was the Merrimack River valley at the time of early English settlement. A powerful shaman, he could turn himself into a bear. His charisma afforded some protection to his people. My namesake sculpture in homage to this leader guards the picnic place at Castle Hill. Made of clay and wood, he's 60”H x 30”W x 26”D, $1,500. "Woods/Water" dances in the Italian Garden at Castle Hill, a lovely venue for weddings. She is 54”H x 26”W x 30”D $2,500

CHANGING LANDSCAPE: Sculpture at the Eustis Estate, 1424 Canton Avenue, Milton, MA. Through September 29 for work displayed inside, October 13 for outdoor work. Changing Landscape
Another major NESA collaboration, with Historic New England's Eustis Estate. It's a beautifully crafted building noted as "a marvel of the Aesthetic Movement", set on 80 acres of landscaped grounds near Great Blue Hill.

Eustis Estate Eye of Storm
Set atop a spacious knoll, the Eustis mansion's stonework and woodwork are outstanding examples of the Arts and Crafts Movement. My selected work "Eye of the Storm" was chosen for the banner that greets visitors at the Eustis Gatehouse. It's displayed in the upstairs gallery. "Eye of the Storm" is a wall-mounted relief made of glazed stoneware clay, 23"H x 27"W x 8.25"D, $900.

SCULPTUREFEST 2019, Prosper Road, Woodstock, VT. July 6 through early October. Sculpturefest
This year at Sculpturefest my newest tree form "Witness" stands firm near the banks of the vernal pool at Charlet and Peter Davenport's beautiful sculpture garden. The bones and stones of "Flow" emerge nearby from the forest edge.

Witness Flow
"Witness", stoneware tree formed with wood-grain patterns from clay pressed onto fallen trees. 54”H x 14” diameter, $1,500. "Flow", wood-fired porcelain bones lie on a slate riverbed lined with beach stone banks. Five feet long, its two-foot-wide course winds down the slope. $1,500.

FITCHBURG ART MUSEUM 84th Regional Exhibition of Art and Craft, 185 Elm Street, Fitchburg MA. Through September 2, 2018. Fitchburg Art Museum
Showcasing the fascinating scope of work by artists from north central Massachusetts and south central New Hampshire, this year's juried exhibition includes two of my recent chain linked artworks.

Ball & Chain
"Ball & Chain" stoneware, 8”H x 7”W x 14”long $800.

"Hooked" stoneware, 4”H x 3”W x 14”long $500.

ONCE UPON the EARTH, New Hampshire Potters Guild Biennial Exhibition at Kimball Jenkins Estate in Concord, NH
ONCE UPON the EARTH, New Hampshire Potters Guild Biennial Exhibition at Kimball Jenkins Estate in Concord, NH, took place in March 2019. This show had a splendid variety of functional and sculptural works, featuring the wide-ranging inspiration of Guild members. Displayed in the handsome rooms of the Kimball Jenkins mansion, this show seemed like a life-time collection brought together by a wonderfully eclectic ceramic art devotee.
My two works included both expressed the madness of ignoring climate change and mining tar sands: "Eye of the Storm II" and "Once Upon the Earth", which was created specially for this show. The People's Choice Award was won by Rebecca Hillman of Scarborough ME for her lively figure "Safety Glasses Required" -- a fantastic sculptural balancing act!

Once Upon the Earth Safety Glasses Required
"Once Upon the Earth", stoneware clay brains on wooden base photo-collaged with images of Canadian tar sands extraction industry, 30”H x 30” W x 20”D, $600. "Safety Glasses Required" by Rebecca Hillman won the People's Choice Award.

Eye of the Storm II
"Eye of the Storm II", wall-mounted relief made of glazed stoneware clay, 17”H x 26”W x 9.5”D, $900.rd.


Old Frog Pond Farm Sculpture Walk 2018, Around the Pond and Through the Woods, 38 Eldridge Road, Harvard, MA. September 7 - October 7, Fridays through Sundays 11-5. Artists Reception September 9th, 1-4. Old Frog Pond Farm

Old Frog Pond Farm Sculpture Walk 2018
"Flow" emerges from the moss at the foot of the esker near the wild field. Five feet long, its wood-fired porcelain bones lie on a slate riverbed lined with beach stone banks. Each bone an entity, bedded together in the flow of time. Their silent mouths breathe each to each.

Flying Horse Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit at Pingree School, 537 Highland St. South Hamilton, MA. September 1 - November 5, 2018. Artists Reception September 16, 2018
"Hope" springs up from the spacious ground at this 100-acre campus on the North Shore. The gardens and lawns host sculpture by 46 artists working in many media, including a musical group.
Flying Horse Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit at Pingree School Flying Horse Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit at Pingree School
"Hope", glazed stoneware clay 34”H x 32”W x 18”D each wing $2,500

21st Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit at The Millbrook Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Concord, NH. The Millbrook Gallery Through October 14th.
"Woods/Water" dances in the flower gardens among the scenic fields at the Millbrook "Where Art and Nature Meet".
Millbrook Gallery Millbrook Gallery
"Woods/Water" high-fire stoneware clay, with glazed and natural clay surface 54”H x 26”W x 30”D $2,500

Sculpturefest 2018, Prosper Road, Woodstock, VT. Sculpturefest Through early October.
The graceful grove of conifers near the Davenport home shelters "Lovers of Life", a woodland portrait gallery. Framed in knotholes, these creative people contributed to our understanding of the natural world and how to live in harmony with it. Some were scientists (Darwin, Rachel Carson, Aldo Leopold), artists both visual and literary (Audubon, Thoreau), a spiritual leader (Black Elk, Lakota healer and visionary), and a life-long advocate for environmental and women's rights (Wangari Maathai of Kenya).
Millbrook Gallery Millbrook Gallery
Some knothole-framed portraits in the grove at SculptureFest 2018.                                     Black Elk (Hehaka Sapa)

Fitchburg Art Museum 83 Regional Exhibition of Art and Craft, 185 Elm Street, Fitchburg MA. June 22 - September 2, 2018.
Showcasing the work of artists from north central Massachusetts and south central New Hampshire, this juried exhibition included my "Small Offering" of wood-fired porcelain bones on a stoneware tray, 7" x 9" $700.
Fitchburg Art Museum 83 Regional Exhibition of Art and Craft Fitchburg Art Museum 83 Regional Exhibition of Art and Craft
To whom is this Small Offering given? Pot luck for refugees, asylum seekers?

International Sculpture Day 2018. At Flag Hill Winery and Distillery, Lee, NH on April 28th. Sponsored by Bedrock Gardens of Lee.
Sites in 20 countries participated in this celebration of sculpture. "Upright" and "On Down" stepped out at Flagg Hill vineyards, a lively setting for this festive event.
Fitchburg Art Museum 83 Regional Exhibition of Art and Craft Fitchburg Art Museum 83 Regional Exhibition of Art and Craft Fitchburg Art Museum 83 Regional Exhibition of Art and Craft
"Upright" 64"H x 26"W x 14"D $1,800             "On Down" (two views) 46"H x 24"W x 18"D $2,000


Summer 2017 began June 3 with my Art Sale in the front yard of my old home in Gloucester MA, to raise funds for two local charities -- Maritime Gloucester and Pathways for Children. Thanks to family, friends, and supporters, this fun event raised $2,000 to split between these two great groups that do much good in my home town!

Sculpturefest 2017, Prosper Road, Woodstock, VT. Through early October.
The air-swimming fish of "Symbiosis" glide among the greenery around the vernal pond in the lovely landscape of Charlet and Peter Davenport's sculpture garden. "Symbiosis" shows the interdependence of all forms of life. Like fish, we too depend on forested watersheds for clean waters.
Symbiosis Symbiosis

Schools of "Symbiosis" fish, average size 3" by 7"

20th Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit at The Millbrook Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Concord, NH. Through October 15th.
"Inhabited" converses in the ancient wisdom of the trees among the flower beds of this beautiful sculpture garden.
yyy yyy
Inhabited, two tree forms 34" tall by 18" wide each. $1,400 for the pair. Closeup showing interior. Texture is from a fallen tree.

Musketaquid Arts Ramble 2017, Hapgood Wright Town Forest, Concord, MA. Through the October 1, 2017 Closing Reception with the artists at 2pm. Sponsored by The Umbrella Arts
In honor of Thoreau's 200th birthday, 16 artists have created works for the trails of this forest park where Thoreau used to ramble. Knotholes are my medium for "Lovers of Life" -- a pond-bank portrait galley of people from around the world who devoted themselves to protecting nature and encouraging people to live in harmony with it. Knotholes on trees show where branches once grew out from the trunk -- they make fine frames for these natural leaders whose ideas have branched out across the world.
yyy yyy
Thoreau (Darwin is in smaller knothole), Wangari Maathai, Kenyan environmentalist
yyy yyy yyy
Lao Tze, Chinese philosopher, founder of Taoism; Black Elk, Lakota spiritual leader; Rachel Carson and Aldo Leopold

Sublime Mud! NH Potters Guild Biennial Show at Discover Portsmouth, 10 Middle Street, Portsmouth NH. Through October 1, 2017.
The rich clay creativity of Guild members shows well in this handsome museum in downtown Portsmouth.
On Down Tidal Influence
"On Down", clay, glazed. 46"H x 24"W x 18"D $2,000
"Tidal Influence", wood-fired in Sharon Arts Fushigigama smoke chamber, 23"H x 10"W x 8"D $650

Journey of the Strange Beasts The 2016 election reminded a friend of Yeats’ poem “Slouching toward Bethlehem”. So I brought out some strange beasts I made 20 years ago into the light of day.
The resulting outcry was sent to friends and family: StrangeBeasts.pdf (1.3 MB)
This inspired Barbara Zolli Albert, President of NH Art Association, to have the Strange Beasts Pop-Up at Prescott Park Art Festival in Portsmouth for one day July 22, 20i7. This thought-provoking event was accompanied by Barbara's clay sculpture workshop, inviting visitors to make their own strange beasties.
yyy yyy
The Beasts rose up beside the Piscataqua River in the grey morn.
Then the afternoon became sunny and they basked... Beasts range in height from 5 feet to 6 feet tall.

Next the Strange Beasts journeyed to Harvard, MA, where they range in the wildflower field at Old Frog Pond Farm for the 2017 Sculpture Walk. Through Columbus Day weekend. Many thanks to Garth Fletcher, arts enabler extraordinaire, for hauling the massive beasts hither and yon.

Flying Horse Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit at Pingree School, 537 Highland St. South Hamilton, MA. September 3 - November 5, 2017. I'll be among 40 sculptors showing a wide variety of work at the gardens and grounds of this 100-acre campus on the North Shore.
"Cry of the Sky", glazed stoneware clay 62" tall by 29" wide. $3,000

High Risk High Reward: Wood-fired Work from the Fushigigama Kiln. Sharon Arts Gallery, 30 Grove Street, Peterborough NH, August 18 through September 17, 2017. I've been fortunate to participate in three of these tremendous firings, with surprising, wonderful results!
"Rise/Dive" wood-fired stoneware, glazed. Rising fish is 14" tall, diving fish is 18" tall. $1,400 for the pair.


"Encounters" Solo Exhibition at AVA Gallery and Art Center, Lebanon, NH. June 10 through July 13, 2016
Gallery Talk Saturday June 18th, 4pm.

All the large multimedia works in this show extend a hand (or hoof), inviting an encounter, each in their own way.
The “Thicket”s baby mitten opens the door to the variety of humanity – we’re all camping out here on Earth. What do we make of it? What does it make of us?
Offering his cloven hoof, the goat’s ready to make a deal – he’s “In Business”. Beware the wasteland he stands on. Is he a scapegoat?
Both “Bearing” and “Blessing” are formed with surviving parts from the mold-making process for the bronze statue of the young enslaved African Bode, Mason’s first colonial inhabitant. “Bearing” and “Blessing” are a tribute to the African American people, who for centuries have persevered with strength and grace despite the wrongs that were and continue to be perpetrated upon them.
I also have sculptures in Kira's Garden at AVA. What a vital and vibrant center for the arts AVA is, growing from strength to strength! Construction of their new 3-D Studies Center has now begun.

Thicket In Business Blessing
Thicket 92” tall by 72” wide   •••   In Business 74” tall by 48” wide   •••   Blessing 73” tall by 35” wide. Bearing in background.

Sculpturefest 2016, Woodstock, VT.

Sunny Dancers

Liz with Sunny Dancers, 23" tall by 16" wide each

Such a joy to be back at Sculpturefest 2016, with my work gathered in a lovely grove near Charlet Davenport's studio. Sculpturefest 2016 opens July 2, 4-7pm at Prosper Road. Through early October.

Eye of Storm Inhabited

Eye of the Storm 23" tall by 27" wide                                                 Inhabited, two clay trees 34" tall by 18" wide each

19th Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit at The Millbrook Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Concord, NH.

Cry of the Sky

"Cry of the Sky" rises beside the pond in this beautiful sculpture garden. Through October 23rd.

Cry of the Sky 62" tall by 29" wide

2016 Art Ramble, Hapgood Wright Town Forest, Concord, MA June 2 through Sept. 5, 2016
Sponsored by The Umbrella Arts 15 artists have installed works along the trails of this historic parkland where Thoreau used to play with Emerson's children. My two works are “Brister Freeman Comes Home” and "Symbiosis". Brister Freeman, who once owned part of this parkland, strides home carrying the meaty payment for his work in the local packing plant. His sturdy figure acts a trail marker pointing the way to his former home near Brister's Spring - a reminder of the people who lived here. African Americans have been a vital part of New England’s life since colonial times.
"Symbiosis" means living well together. Three dozen fish swim among the trees along the trail to Brister's Spring, to show they depend on the forest for a good life! Forested watersheds clean the rainwater as it runs into ponds and streams, so fish can be healthy. These schools of arboreal fish make a lively connection between forests and water.

Brister Freeman Comes Home Symbiosys

“Brister Freeman Comes Home” 10” tall by 6” wide                              Schools of "Symbiosis" fish, average size 3" by 7"



Around the Pond and Through the Woods - Old Frog Pond Farm Sculpture Walk 2015, Harvard, Mass.
Linda with Rana
Artist and Organic Farmer Linda Hoffman greets "Rana Catching the Ragged Moon" leaping from the water at Old Frog Pond Farm in Harvard MA. Such fun I had creating this lively amphibian from laurel wood! Twenty-three New England artists have made works for this beautiful landscape. Sculpture Walk 2015 begins September 5th, and runs through Columbus Day. Artists' Reception September 20th, 1-5. Old Frog Pond Farm Sculpture Walk 2015

RanaRaggedMoon 1 RanaRaggedMoon 2

Featured Clay Artist at Sculpturefest 2015, 509 Prosper Road, Woodstock, VT.
So happy to be invited back to Sculpturefest as a featured artist! At the Davenport's glorious setting my work is around the vernal pool, under the apple tree, and in the pasture's shelter. Created especially for Sculpturefest is "Cry of the Sky", the waterfall accompanying the "Emerging Fish" series. Sculpturefest's website has great photos of my work along with many other artists in a wonderful variety of media -- well worth a visit! Through early October.

WoodsWater WaterfallFish

In 2015 I'm honored to have two works at Kira's Garden at AVA Gallery, Lebanon, NH.
AVA is a tremendous hub of creativity, growing with the upcoming addition of a new sculpture building! Through May 2016

Hope, 35" tall x 42" wide

18th Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit at The Millbrook Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Concord, NH.
Always a pleasure to have work in this beautiful sculpture garden. Through October 18th.

"Nestling", 6' tall

"Friends and Fellow Travelers" A Tribute to Gerry Williams by New Hampshire Potters Guild, at League of NH Crafts Gallery, 49 South Main Street, Concord NH. June 26 - September 18, 2015. NH's first Artist Laureate, Gerry was one of the founders of the NH Potters Guild and a mentor to many Guild members. A splendid collection of Gerry's pottery and sculpture is featured along with that of 30 Guild members who've been inspired by his work, his life, and his thinking. My works below, "Same Boat" and "Order", arose from that source.

Same Boat Order

"Force of Nature - Exploring the Power of the Feminine" Women's Caucus for the Arts, Karl Drerup Gallery and Silver Center for the Arts, Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH. July 6 - August 14, 2015. Reception July 18th, 5 - 7PM. This national exhibit, juried by Judith Brodsky, includes 80 artists from all over the country.



Outdoor Sculpture Thrives in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts

This lovely summer and autumn of 2014 my sculptures are featured at four beautiful gardens and farms, joining work of a wonderful variety of sculptors creating in many media. All of it adds up to some fascinating strolls around delightful places of New England.

No Away Turtle

"No Away", Kira's Garden at AVA Gallery, Lebanon, NH, through May 2015.

Brain Fruit

"Fruit", 17th Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit at The Millbrook Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Concord, NH, through October 26, 2014.


"Sunny Day Dancer" embraces Charlet Davenport's "Floating in Time" as the wings of "Hope" rise at the King Farm hillcrest. At Sculpturefest 2014 at King Farm in Woodstock, VT.

Sculpture Walk 2014 at Old Frog Pond Farm, Harvard, MA, through October 5th. Check their website for a lovely photo of "Prayer of Rana", happy in his habitat beside the Old Frog Pond. Here Linda and Blaise, hardworking farmers and artists, grow delicious organic fruits and vegetables.

"Speaking Volumes" Solo Show at NH Art Association, Portsmouth, NH. April 28- May 30, 2014

Thanks to the prize-winning mighty foot "Where We have Been", I've been granted a month-long show at NH Art Association headquarters. All these creations are works for the wall. Eloquent clay speaks of open books whose stories stretch from past to future, masked faces holding secrets, the flow of life in patterns of tree growth. A multi-media work,"Finding a Long Grey Hair" embodies a poem by Jane Kenyon. The interplay of visual images and their mental associations can be fascinating. May these works spark surprising connections! Pictures of the works can be seen here.

Postcard front Postcard back


"Art in Nature" Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition at Fruitlands Museums, Harvard MA - May 11 through October 31, 2013 Fruitlands web site

"Prayer of Rana" looks to the heavens from his site near the Shaker Museum at Fruitlands. This beautiful cultural center in Harvard MA commands a spectacular view over the vast sweep of the Nashua River Valley with Mount Monadnock on the far horizon. Standing tall as a fellow being, Rana prays that people can act to protect the natural world that supports us all, frogs and humans alike. Chris Bergeron, reporter for the MetroWest Daily News, wrote "Not far from the Shaker house where members of the religious sect once prophesized the Second Coming, Liz Fletcher's skyward-gazing frog... cups its webbed hands in its own benediction."

Prayer of Rana Prayer of Rana

"Hard Ware", National Ceramics Exhibit at Hill Country Arts Foundation, Ingram TX - May 24 to June 22, 2013

NOT Chicken

Venturing far afield, the brave fowl "NOT Chicken" visits the Hill Country of Texas. I was drawn to apply to this show being familiar with the work of the exhibition juror Juan Granados, clay sculptor and art professor at Texas Tech University, whom I met some years ago. Juan Granados' web site

Second Prize "For One Night Only: NHAA Best of the Best" NH Art Association Special Exhibition at the French Gallery, NH Institute of Art, Manchester, NH - April 13, 2013

Stepping into the elegant atrium of this NHIA gallery, the mighty foot of "Where We Have Been" speaks of the heavy human footprint. Surrounding the loud mouth within its foot are volumes of old calendars, stained with age. At the lively show reception, some laughed to see a backwards visual pun (mouth in foot), one saw the red mouth as a bloody bone, others read the work as signifying our carbon footprint -- a wonderful variety of insights! Many thanks to juror Nick Capasso, long-time curator of DeCordova Sculpture Garden and now Director of Fitchburg Art Museum, for awarding Second Prize. This prize is a 2014 solo wall exhibition in the Gerry Frazier Gallery at NH Art Association Headquarters in Portsmouth NH - a good challenge to create wall works!

Where We Have Been Where We Have Been
     "Where We Have Been", 18" tall, 29" wide, 16" deep

Sculpture Walk at Old Frog Pond Farm, Harvard, MA - September 5 through October 15, 2012

In autumn the woods and fields of this beautiful organic fruit farm, home of artist Linda Hoffman, become a sculpture garden inhabited by remarkable works of numerous artists. My sculpture "Angel" appeared near the raspberry patch, its ancient clay trees weaving threads of water and sky. At their crossing point hangs an angel of life, born as a fishbone. Angel Angel
"Angel", 6' tall, 6' diameter


Return to "Art in the Heart of the City", Ithaca, NY - June 29 to mid-November 2012

I'm honored to be featured again in this wonderful outdoor art exhibition! This year we brought a playful pup "Ready to Play" and turtle island "Determined to Stay". They're happily settled in the playground area at Ithaca Commons mall, friendly and approachable for kids to pat and even sit upon. "Ready to Play" expresses youthful energy, while "Determined to Stay" is a wise old creature, bearing a mountainous island ringed with roads and cities through a deep blue sea. Many thanks to Garth Fletcher for his assistance with installation.
Downtown Ithaca web site

Ready to Play
"Ready to Play", 22" high x 28" long x 15" wide

Determined to Stay   Determined to Stay
"Determined to Stay", 21" high x 32" long x 20" wide

"A Shared Source - 4 Sibleys 2 Generations"
Adolf I. Matz Gallery, Sawyer Free Library, Gloucester, MA     June 26 - July 26, 2012

A spirited multi-media collaboration of four Sibley family artists -- my sister Annie Horsley Sibley of Wales, her daughter Rosie Horsley of Scotland, and my daughter Nome Graham of Gloucester, and myself. Clay is the medium of both Annie and me; Annie also does painting, prints and collage, and fabulous crocheted jellyfish and wall hangings. Rosie paints bold portraits in acrylic. Nome makes beautiful encaustics, dyed silk and felted wall hangings featuring sea life. Life in all its forms and especially sea life is our shared source, as descendants of Sibley men who earned their living from the sea: George W. Sibley, builder of schooners, and Bill Sibley, fisherman. Many thanks to Garth Fletcher and Dan Graham, skilled arts enablers, for their help installing this show. The Sawyer Free Library has more photos of the exhibition on its Facebook page.

Sawyer Free Library Sawyer Free Library
Sawyer Free Library Sawyer Free Library Sawyer Free Library
Sawyer Free Library Sawyer Free Library Sawyer Free Library
"A Shared Source - 4 Sibleys 2 Generations"

"15th Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Millbrook Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Concord, NH
June 24 - October 21, 2012

Benny and Bessie the Dreaming Dogs are enjoying the summer and fall at this beautiful garden of fascinating sculptures on Route 202 in Concord.
Millbrook Gallery web site

Spring and Summer 2012 at the Children's Museum of New Hampshire

"Art Beyond Vision", a collaboration between NH Association for the Blind, NH Art Association, and the Children's Museum, invited visitors to touch the artwork to fully experience it. My sculpture "Many Ways of Being - How Many Creatures Am I?" was much enjoyed. "...its surprises come from challenging first impressions" notes "The Wire" in Hands-On, its March 22, 2012 web article on this unusual show. "It turns out that touching art, at least when the art is made for it, gives insight into how art can touch you." (March 9 - May 22, 2012)
Blind Skunk Cabbage
"Many Ways of Being"     &     "Skunk Cabbage Habitat"

"A Sense of Wonder", in tribute to Rachel Carson's children's book of this title, runs from June 5 through Labor Day. Invited artists were asked to encourage kids on a path of discovery through expressing their own sense of wonder at New England's natural beauty. My paper sculpture "Skunk Cabbage Habitat" is inhabited with strange bugs of polymer clay for kids to discover among the foliage.

The Children's Musuem of New Hampshire at 6 Washington Street, Dover NH, a former mill on the Cocheco River, is a great place for families to visit with many interactive exhibits.


Art in the Heart of the City, Ithaca, NY - July 1 to November 1, 2011

Great fun to be a part of "Art in the Heart"! As one of 6 artists chosen for this outdoor sculpture show, I created two Dreaming Dogs, Benny and Bessie, very pat-able. Deep in sleep, Benny and Bessie re- live the excitement of the chase. In their waking moments, these plump pups may not be swift -- but we can all dream, can't we? They doze near the playground in the pedestrian mall at the center of beautiful downtown Ithaca. With interesting culture and spectacular scenery, Ithaca is well worth a visit.

Dreaming Dogs: Benny and Bessie Dreaming Dogs: Benny and Bessie

"Dreaming Dogs: Benny and Bessie" 14"H x 16"W x 33"Long

Millbrook Gallery and Sculpture Garden 14th Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit,
236 Hopkinton Road, Concord, NH June 26 to October 16, 2011

Fascinating artworks fill this lovely garden. My work "Peaceful Pair" basks in this delightful landscape before traveling to their new home. Many thanks to Pam Tarbell, gallery owner and artist.

Peaceful Pair

"Peaceful Pair" 22"H x 16"W x 24"Long each

25th Annual Omer Lassonde Juried Exhibition - April 1 through April 29, 2011
   "Bearing" wins First Place!


Juror Daniel Fuller, Director of the Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art, chose a fascinating assemblage of works. His Juror's Statement is most engaging: "... what was abundantly clear was a “plugged-in” feeling. Politically relevant and provocative, inter-disciplinary, the utilization of found materials, and of course, the impeccably painted and crafted, I was treated to a wide range of aesthetics and traditions, but one constant was an obvious knowledge of contemporary trends and practices. ... Ranging across genre and media, my encounters with certain works in the review phases ignited a series of visual and conceptual connections, prompting numerous narratives."

The Lassonde Exhibition is showing at NH Art Association's Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery, 136 State Street, Portsmouth NH through April 29th. (603-431-4230)

Exhibition - March 4 to April 1, 2011

My work will be in the "5 Potters & Sculptors" exhibit sponsored by the Kimball-Jenkins Estate, School of Art. March 4 through April 1, 2011 .
The Kimball-Jenkins Estate is a grand Victorian mansion on Main Street in Concord near Rte 93 Exit 15. Kimball-Jenkins director Ryan Linehan and crew arranged the great variety of claywork with wonderful skill.

Kimball Jenkins Estate: 5 Potters & Sculptors Kimball Jenkins Estate: 5 Potters & Sculptors


Artist of the Month at Exeter Fine Crafts - July 2010

I'm honored to be featured as Artist of the Month for July 2010 at Exeter Fine Crafts, the beautiful gallery at 61 Water Street in downtown Exeter, NH. I'll be showing new forms made with a variety of clays -- stoneware, earthenware, and polymer clay creatures.